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To protect confidentiality, I've used pseudonym initials instead of actual client initials


"A close friend recommended Connie to me when I was going through some difficult issues in my relationship.  Connie came through immediately as my friend assured me she would, and she offered a perspective I would not have considered on my own.  Her coaching was instrumental in formulating a solid game plan for a real sea change when I was feeling lost amid the storm of my feelings.  Her no-nonsense approach is both firm and comforting, and she offers practical wisdom that is patient and straightforward.  With the tools Connie gave me, I am happy to reports that my relationship is now more calm, centered and in a much deeper place.  I would highly recommend Connie as a life coach and a relationship guru."


Family Dynamics

"Connie helped me understand how I needed to support my son during the college application process in a different way than I had helped my daughter.  She drew on her own experiences and understood my dilemma immediately.  And her advice? It was spot on!"



"Life and relationships have ups and downs and sometimes you need someone from the outside to help you see ways to make things better.  Connie helped me to identify areas where I needed to compromise and areas where I needed to stand my ground.  Her method of asking questions to enhance your understanding of your situation and then guiding you to realize your options in making changes to improve it worked wonders for me.  I'm able to step back and see what I need to do to move forward and be happy. "


Life Coaching

"I’d like to take a moment to talk about Connie and her skills as a life coach – If you are considering using Connie’s services there is no need to look further as you’ve found a Gem with Connie.

Like a lot of people experiencing changes in their lives with, well everything I needed a non biased, outsiders opinion and push so I started searching for Life Coaches.  I scanned a lot on line but what drew me to Connie was the sense of ‘real’ ‘true’ ‘warm’ I then sent her an email and in less than 30 minutes I had a response and for me the rest was history.  Connie doesn’t preach, she listens.  When Connie says “I get it” or “I’ve been there” she truly has as she shared some of personal experiences and from those decided to become a Life Coach and I’m so glad that she did.  I truly believe that people are placed where and when they are meant to be along our journey of life and I’m definitely a changed person with new perspective thanks to Connie. Connie, I’m thanking the universe for placing you in my life and I’m thanking you for ‘handling with care’. XO"



"I would recommend Connie as a coach. She is thoughtful, understanding and inspiring. My life has turned the corner since we started meeting and I am very grateful for her support."


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