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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Coaching ?
  • Coaching helps you to chart the course to take action in your life. 

  • The answers are inside you and as your coach my role is to help you find them.

  • In most cases, I won't tell you what to do - I'll guide you to discovering what you need to do to improve your life so you can enjoy it fully. 


  • You'll find coaching a positive, reinforcing experience designed not to judge or evaluate your past or current actions, but to help you get the most satisfaction and best results from your future actions.

Coaching vs Therapy ?
  • Therapy is prescriptive in most cases.  The licensed therapist or psychologist will ask questions and guide you by suggesting solutions to resolve emotional issues affecting your life. 


  • Coaching helps you find the answers within you so you can accomplish your goals and enrich your life.  Often times we know what we need to do, we just can't see it clearly until we work to find the answers through guided, thought-provoking questions.

  • If you would like to discuss this privately, reach out to me!

How Does it Work ?

One on One Coaching - We start with an initial meeting to review your goals for coaching and some of the parameters about how and when we'll meet.

  • I'll work with you via Zoom, FaceTime or when desired,  in person.   

  • While most sessions will be approximately 50 minutes, our first may be just over an hour.  

  • Since the first session will cover logistics, you'll be charged for a regular 50 minute session even if we run the full 90 minutes.

  • At the end of each session you'll have a to do list covering the actions you have agreed to take before our next meeting.  This is crucial to your success and we will start each subsequent session reviewing your accomplishments from the week before.

Group Coaching - Used mostly in business settings, group coaching entails helping a group of co-workers, volunteers or any group working toward a goal maximize their effectiveness and cooperation.  I would spend time with the person responsible for running the group to decide which activities would be best suited to their mission and determine how many sessions may be needed.

What Does it Cost ?
  • I have several rates depending on how we work together. 

  • There is an hourly rate and packages are available in groups of 5 sessions for enhanced pricing.


  • Group rates will be determined depending on the size of the group and amount of sessions needed.

  • Workshops are available at a flat rat. Check back for offers or subscribe at the bottom of the page for updates!

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